Bogart Immigration, PLLC has its roots in Northwest Arkansas. The firm’s founding attorney, Nathan Bogart, graduated from the University of Arkansas School of Law before accepting a position as an immigration attorney at the Rogers-based law firm of Matthews, Campbell, Rhoads, McClure & Thompson, P.A. In 2012, Nathan opened his own boutique immigration law practice, Bogart Immigration Law, LLC, en the Kansas City metro area.
After operating Bogart Immigration Law, LLC for nearly three years, Nathan accepted an offer to join the Dallas-based firm of Petty & Associates, PLLC, where he assisted in the firm’s efforts to expand to new areas, including Amarillo, and in October 2015, Northwest Arkansas. In 2016, Nathan was invited to manage the immigration practice of Joyce Law Firm in Fayetteville.
In January 2018, after having been back in Northwest Arkansas for more than 2 years, it was decided the time had come to reopen Bogart Immigration, an office dedicated exclusively to immigration law and nothing more.
In Bogart Immigration, PLLC, we have assembled a team of immigration professionals who have been trained in a variety of cases. For years, our team has helped citizens and permanent residents petition their family members, whether through consular processing or adjustment of status. We are always present for our clients no matter wherever they may be.
We have particular experience in litigation cases: removal defense and appeals. If necessary, we sue the government to ensure the rights of our clients are respected. For years, we have acquired experience in the most important immigration courts for our clients, including the courts in Memphis, Louisiana, Kansas City and Dallas, representing clients in bond proceedings, cancellation of removal, asylum, and all removal-related cases.
Immigration is our passion. Many of our team members have experienced life as immigrants. Immigrants are members of our families. For us, it is a personal issue. For this reason, we accept our cases with the intention of accomplishing our clients’ goals. We explain the law clearly so our clients know where the process is taking them and it is never a bother to answer questions. We do everything we can to obtain a favorable result, and if we cannot, we fight to the end. Anyone is invited to our office to get to know us, talk, or get informed. Try us.  We are here to serve.